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(Archived) Looking for suggestions for my use case

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I originally posted this question in the Evernote for Windows forum. Then, upon review, realized thi was probably more appropriate to general discussion. Thanks for your input on my question.

Hello all, I'm not using evernote to its fullest potential. Right now it is mostly a digital junk drawer. However, with the integration with Nozbe, I am interested in trying to work on a specific use case and I am open to coaching, feedback, suggestions, etc.

My role is one of Biz Dev/ Acct Mgmt for a large project staffing company in Silicon valley. So, I wear several hats with lots of balls in the air at any given time. The one scenario I would like to improve on is driving a "one-off" staff augmentation project. In this case I will have a company, a group, and a manager that I need to track (Tags?). Then a job profile that's passed onto my recruiting team. They identify and interview candidates (need to track this pool), who are vetted and sent to my client for review. Here is one bottleneck. I need to track who I am waiting for feedback from and for what project and for what candidate.

Most of this is typical GTD stuff but there is still a disconnect on the implementation side. Also, the reason that Evernote becomes such a powerful potential solution here is two-fold. First the "always-on" aspect of having all the information on any requirement (job spec, resumes, contact info for stakeholders, etc.) and secondly, the archive of data. The second one is about mixing and matching resumes and managers in the future by commonalities (skills, tools, domains, etc.

Of course, there are ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) out there but I am limited to in-house tools. And even then, I am in the field any too much for most ATS solutions to be viable.

In GTD speak, each job is a project with multiple tasks and dependencies. But, as I said, despite good intentions, I have not seen a practical implementation, yet.

Ideally, I'd love to be able to pull up a project and see the original profile, all candidates considered + their resumes, and any email related to this project. Plus other contractual docs (SOW's, etc.). I'd might also like to be able to share or delegate info with others.

I have tried to use Remember The Milk and Toodledo in the past but there are different implementation challenges to each of these.

Well, that's it. I thought the discussion would spur conversation and uses that might help others, as well.

If anyone is using Evernote for CRM or Sales or Biz Dev, I'd be curious to hear about that, too.

In advance, thanks for your input.


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