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Bug: Inserting table in a list - cannot do

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I don't understand why you cannot insert a table in a list, but you cannot. However, the Windows UI isn't clear about this:

  1. If you are in a list, the TABLE icon in the not editor is not available. Pretty clear.
  2. If you are in a list, selecting Format from the menu, then Insert Table, allows you to fill out the table dialog, but pressing OK does nothing.

You should be able to do this though. AFAIK, you can do this with real HTML. The problem I am having is I can break the list to insert my table, but when it resumes, it will start over at 1, which is not good.

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13 minutes ago, jefito said:

Yes,both gaz and I have noted that, too. Weird.

that's nice. so when you figure it out and "up vote it" someone else that wants to upvote actually downvotes, so nothing ever gets above 1.

Therefore, all votes with "1" really have an upvote of 500+, but we just cannot see it. But trust me. 500+. easily.

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