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(Archived) HOWTO: Batch import Scrapbook files (while maintaining formatting and titles)



I've been using the Scrapbook addon for Firefox extensively, taking snapshots of web pages. Now I would like to migrate them over to Evernote to fit them in my "second brain".

What I would need to do is to be able to batch import the Scrapbook files. I've tried to drag the html-files on to the Evernote dock icon - efficient, but:

*Some layout gets distorted (probably no workaround on this one)

*They all get named "index". Is there a way to import bookmarks/html-files (from Safari/Firefox/Finder) to Evernote, keeping the names of the pages?

It would be quite tedious to open them in the browser and add them one by one, since I have some hundreds captured.

Any ideas? thanx!

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