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Evernote 7.9.8 Broken on Pixel Phone

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I've had a new Pixel phone (running Android 7.1.1) for several weeks and Evernote has been working fine with absolutely no problems.  On 12/24/2016 Evernote 7.9.8 installed and immediately Evernote started malfunctioning to the point of uselessness.  
The problems are:
1) When listing the notes available almost always the screen shows no notes.  That also happens if I touch All Notes, Notebooks, Shared, Tags, or several Shortcuts I've tried.  
2) In the rare instance I can click on a note to view it I always get a blank screen.  When that happens the app is dead, i.e. totally unresponsive, and sometimes after that it crashes.  I've submitted several reports.  
3) Sometimes sync never ends, sometime it completes successfully.  
40 On 12/25/2016 ~9:30 pm it worked briefly, just a few minutes, but then it reverted to the same behavior.  
Evernote on my PC with my Evernote database is working fine.  I've synced my notes across several PCs with no problems.  The only problem is on Android.  
I Rebooted the phone & uninstalled & installed Evernote to no avail.  When I reinstalled it took maybe 15 min. to load everything and then all appeared well, but as soon as I viewed a note it displayed as empty and then again Evernote stopped working.  My phone is otherwise working perfectly and I have a good WiFi connection to the Net via a fast and reliable FiOS connection.  
When I log into the web site I can't find any way to contact the Evernote Help Desk or otherwise report a problem.  Also I can't find a place to download previous versions when a new release is broken.  For $45 a year for a Premium license they must provide something but so far it's eluded me.  
I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me how to reach Evernote support or direct me to the previous version of the apk that worked fine.  In fact I'd appreciate any suggestions because right now for me Evernote is dead in the water on my phone and I really need to get it working again.  


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Hi.  Sorry you're having problems,  but this is a pretty good place to get some help usually.  There's a Twitter contact for Evernote - see the top of this page;  and it's possible to raise a support request via the website.  You've already done the basic first-aid for mobile devices - uninstalling and reinstalling normally works.  The next step could well be to uninstall and step back a version or two just to check that still works.  This may be a good place to look - http://www.apkmirror.com/uploads/?q=evernote

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