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I sometimes clip (web) links that contain links to downloads. It would be highly desirable if a link that I long press inside that clipped note (or any note for that matter), will perform something like "Copy to clipboard". The downloads can be huge, or not meant for Android, (e.g firmware updates, ISO files to linux installs) but I would schedule the  download on my NAS to be used later.

There is no way now to NOT let it download on my android device as the default behaviour of clicking a link is opening it in the browser, and if Chrome or another browser recognises the link it starts downloading immediately. 

Desired behavior:

In a (clipped) note:

  • Long pressing a link would either copy it to clipboard and mention this in a popup / message (this way I can copy the link to my NAS download APP or somewhere else)
  • Double tap the link should open it in the browser

Many apps work with a long-press feature so it would integrate nicely.


- Jorgen


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Hi.  If I long-press in a note I have the option to copy text to the clipboard,  with moveable markers to select the copied area.  If there's a URL there I can copy it without activating it.  If I do activate it by tapping rather than long-pressing,  it's the browser that starts a download.  The best way (IMHO) to deal with downloads meant for the desktop is open the note on the desktop,  or maybe save the download to DropBox or Google Drive...

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No this does not work. It is a link anchored in text like "Download latest firmware here". There is no way to copy the URL using the selection tool. Remember this is a clipped article. This means embedded links are usually not visible as URLs but as named anchors. Selecting the link to copy will just select the text, as shown below...


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