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When I download PDF's onto my iPhone, I like to sync them. A window comes up with space for a title and tags, and a button called <save>. I press save and go on with my browsing. But the PDF does not always sync. Recently, to try and fix this, I reinstalled Evernote, waited for the PDF to fully download, put in a title and a tag, and waited to give Evernote time to save/sync the PDF. No dice. 12 hours later, the attachments come up empty on the iPhone, on the PC, AND on the web client. 

I can't even check the cloud/version on my iPhone. And this from a company that has a section for feature requests? From a company that is supposed to "never forget". It never remembers. 

I read on a testing site that Evernote had laid off lots of staff in Europe. ? how true or not. 

Now, tell me, if a company is NOT going broke, will it's product not work while it inquires about new features AND has its old features not working, basic features not available, and rumors that it is laying off staff?

I HATE Microsoft, but...

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Evernote is not "going broke".  The fact that some features don't work for you doesn't mean they've been removed.  And while you may have missed it,  Evernote went through a period of reorganizing itself early this year which did involve closing down one or more offices.  They've since opened,  and are recruiting for at least one new site,  and have a new partnership with Google to run 2,000 virtual servers to hold user data.

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