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Home screen shortcuts not working

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On 2016-12-23 at 10:53 AM, jwwe11 said:

When I try opening a home screen shortcut it just opens up all the notes in Evernote or it will open up  the shortcut in edit mode. Is anyone else having this problem? Just noticed it a few days ago..

Is this specific to a platform.  
I'm not having a problem on my Mac, but then I'm not sure about the "home screen" reference

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On 1/13/2017 at 9:03 PM, gazumped said:

Uninstall / reinstall?

I did but still not working. I also did a reset on my tablet and phone and still no luck. My friends are still having the exact same problem. This is crazy!!! After reformat I put like 10 shortcuts on my home screen and none of them would open up. It just goes to home menu in evernote and than you have to click on it a few times just to get it to open up the right way. 

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I hate how there is no support for this. U can't even reach evernote thru email. Everything I do just keeps sending you to forums... Smh.. And there so called twitter support lol no response. 3 of my other friends also used twitter to get help but same thing bro. Silence on their end..

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1 hour ago, jwwe11 said:

I hate how there is no support for this.

Well the forums do help out where we can,  and Twitter is normally pretty good,  but Evernote (as you may have noticed) just released a major new upgrade to their iOS app.  Given its a major redesign there's lots of panic from users about where their favorite features have gone and even my email had a meltdown.  I think Evernote is a bit busy at this precise second.  If you're a paying customer you get precedence anyway,  and email support - but like all support it's not exactly instant.

The home screen issue isn't a new release issue or some sort of hidden bug - lots of folks out there seem still able to use the shortcuts.  Have you and your friends updated recently / installed another app that might be in conflict / changed the phone security settings?


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No we haven't added anything new to our devices. Its just frustrating how one day its working and now its not. It might have started happening after evernotes last update but I'm not 100% sure. 

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I'm here trying to resolve this issue on my Android phone as well. I've uninstalled/reinstalled, but still have the issue that accessing shortcuts from an icon on my home screen take me either to the All Notes list or, more lately, show no list of notes at all--just a blank, white screen. If I go into the app and select a shortcut from the menu, it'll open up correctly, but I won't accept losing access to saved searches from my home screen. I've had periodic issues over the years, but this one I can't resolve on my own.

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41 minutes ago, gazumped said:

Has anyone tried the large Evernote widget?  The options allow that to show a list of shortcuts...

I haven't tried that option when I'm having this issue, so I don't know if this is a viable workaround, slow and cumbersome as it would be.

If I'm wanting to view several shortcuts in succession, though, it would be quicker to restart my phone as that works to reset everything. In fact, I did that 3x today when selecting a shortcut not only didn't work, it froze my phone, which is a new wrinkle.

At this point, I suppose I should uninstall/reinstall again. Maybe that will get rid of the freezing so I'm only dealing with misbehaving shortcuts.

Can you suggest anything else? 

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So is evernote aware of this home screen shortcuts not working?? I looked it up online and it shows a lot of users of ever note having the same issue with home screen shortcuts. And it seems like it started happening after their last update. Its definitely the software cuz I did full factory resets on 3 of my devices and a few of my friends did the same but no luck. Its definitely the software. I'm really hoping they are on top of this... It sucks that I can't reach support but hopefully they reading the forums..

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