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Clipper stopped working in Safari 8.0.7


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Not sure when it started but the other day I noticed my clipper is  no longer working in Safari 8.0.7 (Mac 10.10.4). I click on the icon and nothing happens, zip, nuttin' and thing happens. I see this has happened in the past to others so I'm wondering is there a consensus solution to troubleshoot or fix this problem?

Also again I am not sure about when it started but now whenever I restart my laptop I get Evernotoe opening on startup even though I neither want it too or ever set it up to open in my start up applications. How did that happen? I there a fix for that?

Thanks and Happy Holiday Season to everybody.

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Hey @JerraldH,

Can you try updating the Safari web browser to the latest version (10.0.2) and let me know if you continue to experience the same behavior when using the Web Clipper?

Regarding Evernote automatically opening when you start up your computer, navigate to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and select Evernote from the applications listed, then click the minus sign icon at the bottom of the list to remove Evernote from the login items section.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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