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Evernote note reading Moleskine Smart stickers

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I was all excited to start using my new Moleskine notebook with Smart stickers. I went into Evernote settings and assigned notebooks/tags to the various colours, wrote a note, affixed a Smart sticker, snapped a picture with flash into Evernote...and Evernote did not assign the right notebook or tag.

Am I doing something wrong, or does this just not work?

Thanks for any guidance anyone may be able to provide.

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Hi.  That's not a feature I use at the moment,  so I'm not completely up to date,  but AFAIK it should work.  If you have set up your system according to Evernote's directions,  and are taking pictures in good light against a contrasting background.  If you're already doing everything correctly,  can you confirm your Evernote version number and what device you're using?


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OK - I can only suggest a careful sync,  then you uninstalling and reinstalling the app in case of some sort of local glitch.  If that doesn't help you could check with @EvernoteHelps on Twitter,  or contact support directly if you can,  to check whether there's any problem with this particular device.

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