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Soft-return shortcut has been changed!

Igor Makovsky


I've noticed, that soft-return shortcut had been recently changed from "shift + enter" (usual shortcut in all software and OS) to uncommon "ctrl + enter" on mac desktop version (I'm using it). This annoys me a lot, because this is a common normal shortcut and I expect it to act the same in all text editors, including Evernote. How can I change it back to the usual one?

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I just noticed it too.   I thought I had to cut/paste to TextExit and perform it there & copy back to Evernote.

'shift+enter' doesn't do anything now; why change if it ain't broke??

Perhaps you can use the OS keyboard assignment to override.   I dunno.

Thanks for bringing it up.   ... I would have to resort to TextExit otherwise.


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11 minutes ago, macvos said:

Ah, I already wondered too! Didn't try CTRL+ENTER. A bit strange combination, I find.


The latest release (beta 6.11.1) has corrected this and restores shift-enter


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