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(Archived) Local notebook is missing after update.



I just got the latest update (downloaded through the app) and when I opened it today I noticed that my local notebook (I only had one) had disappeared. I searched through finder for several of the titles that were in it and they're all still located on my computer, but evernote doesn't seem to be recognizing them. Any other note from my synced folders can be opened straight from Finder but these just won't. Don't know what happened.

Noticed that there was another similar topic but the solution involved using a system back up which I don't have, so I thought I'd post a new topic. Since the files are clearly still there, was wondering if there was anyway to restore them in any way. Normally I wouldn't worry much as nothing in there is super important. Sure I'd like to have my stuff but I could get over it. Problem is, one of the notes was a resource list I spent three hours compiling a few days ago and I REALLY don't want to have to do it again.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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