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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to select email address used when sending notes



I am a mac user and i have a .mac email account that i use via OSX's mail application and i also use entourage to access my corporate email.

When i wish to email a note, it only uses my personal .mac mail and i want evernote to use my corp email.

How can i tell evernote to use my entourage email instead of osx's mail app with my personal account?

currently i have to email from one email account to the other and then save the attachment and then email it out again to forward a note...very laborious.

any feedback would be very appreciated.

thank you.

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Evernote is so user friendly. I cannot believe there is not a way to select which email account to use. Everytime I send a note pertaining to business, the reply comes back to my personal email address. This is bad for two reasons: 1) they save your email in their contacts, thinking this is your business email. I check personal email once a week, leading to missed messages. 2) they are now confused, have two emails for you and don't know which one to use as the primary.

I cannot believe all the back and forth I see on the forum from Evernote associates that don't get this. Its a simple programming change. Many other programs offer this feature. Evernote is usually on the cutting edge of stuff like this. Fix it and move on, I say.


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I have to agree with this request. It would be extremely helpful to be able to choose the from email address. I use Evernote to hold both work and personal information. The ability to use my work email for work related stuff and my personal email for personal stuff would be very helpful.

The idea that I would have to log in when I got to work to change the email address and log in again at the end of the day to change it back just doesn't seem like a workable solution for the long term. The only other option I can see is to create separate work and personal accounts but that takes away from the simplicity of having a single repository for all my information.

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who wants this feature.



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