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(Archived) sentence-level tagging?

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With large HTML documents like a journal article or a word document is it possible to import the entire text into Evernote, and then select a sentence or paragraph from that imported text and tag that in Evernote? I know that I could cut and paste the desired sentence or paragraph into Evernote, in effect, creating a new note, and then tag that new note, but I would like to import the entire, original document into Evernote, and then tag smaller sections of that document, such as phrases, sentences, or individual paragraphs. It seems like Evernote is only capable of tagging an entire document or text, not a sub-section of a text, unless one creates a separate note for that text. Is there anyway to select and tag smaller sections within a larger document within Evernote itself?

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Thanks Jefito for your reply. I second missdipsy that this would be a nice feature. This would turn Evernote into a much more valuable tool for social scientists who need to tag bits of text within larger text docs such interview transcriptions. This a capability that is built into qualitative data analysis software, but all of these applications so far as I can tell have to live on one's computer. As of this date, there is no such web 2.0 application that has this tagging capability, at least so far as I know.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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