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18 hours ago, Nataliya said:

In card and snippet views note content is not displayed on my Mac app; the web and Iphone versions work fine. Any suggestions on how to solve this issue?

Hi @Nataliya,

Thanks for reporting this. This is a known issue and should be resolved in an upcoming beta for version 6.11 of Evernote Mac.

I don't have a specific date when the beta will be released but if you'd like to switch to the beta track, go to Evernote > Preferences > Software Update and check the box next to "Update to beta versions when available".

You'll then be notified in app when the beta version is released. Likewise, you can manually check for updates by going to Help > Check for Updates in the app or by checking for updates in our forum here.

Once you have updated, if you no longer want to continue on the beta track, go back and uncheck the box next to "Update to beta versions when available".

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or if I can be of any further assistance.

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