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Deleted Evernote



I used Evernote for Mac for many years and converted colleagues to the application. I have just moved my notes (almost 1000) to OneNote and am immensely relieved. I was a paying  Evernote Premium customer for years, but was frustrated with the organizations lack of responsiveness to request for basic improvements. Not to long ago, I installed OneNote, to see the differences and give it a try. While evaluating the two applications, I was so annoyed with the non-stop Evernote Web Clipper pop-up and a users inability to turn it off, that I just imported all my notes to OneNote and deleted Evernote.

Seriously, what a shame. Originally, Evernote was a terrific, high-functioning application, but let OneNote become the responsive, market leader. My guess is Evernote will go the way of Sharkware (an early contact manager that failed to evolve and be responsive and no longer exists).



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For me it was the other way around.

I find onenotes webclipper annoying. It screenshots whole pages. One can not manipulate the content it grabs. You can not easily subtract text from it. Adding your own notes is a pain.

Clipping just bookmarks is simply not an option. 

The syncing speed (at least in my country) as a pain.
Evernote is breezing fast and just does what I want it to do in most cases.

Onenote's versions for Mac, ios and windows vary so intensively. Evernote's clients do too, BUT: Onenote for mac simply lacks basic functionality that its windows counterpart has. Try to manipulate notebook colors for example. I had to seriously run onenote for windows in a virtual machine to be able to do that. A serious no-go for me.

I must say though that Evernotes insistance on unique notebook names was a reason for me to move from evernote to onenote. It just locks you in, if you are not a tag guy. Also different colors for different notebooks in onenote is a sure plus compared to evernote. 

Now that I have come to value tags more, I have made the shift back to Evernote again.

Why? Because Evernote is fast, it's clipper is wonderful and hahaha, now it comes: tagging is just awesome! Onenote lacks tags at all.

Why did I feel the need to tell you that? Just wanted to let you know my experience. Maybe you will find onenote as painful as I did, using it for a longer period of time.
I'd like to hear about your thoughts.


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