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Drag & Drop - Reorder List Items



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AGREE!  Please allow drag-&-drop within notes, e.g. bullet lists or even on regular document text.  Currently on my iPad, in order to re-order anything in a note, the following SEVEN very tedious steps are required to move a block of text or a bullet item:

  1. Get the cursor to cooperate with placement...
  2. Select "select", if you can get the selection box to come up...
  3. Move the wiggy handles to select the block of text...
  4. See if you can entice "cut" to show up so that you can select it  - which rarely occurs on the first try , and if it disappears you have to start the selection process over from Step One!
  5. Place the semi-cooperative cursor where you want the chunk of text placed...
  6. With great blood sweat and tears, hope that "paste" will show up!
  7. Re-formate punctuation and spacing which was wrecked in the 'cut' process.

My blood pressure would be much lower when I am working on documents, if I could just easily select something and drag it to where I want it to live.

To quote R. Rabbit:  "Pppppppplllllease!"

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