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I am currently at university and reading a lot of articles online that are PDFs. As I have Evernote webclipper installed, every time I go to a webpage that contains a PDF, I get the reminder "did you know evernote can save PDFs". Every time!

Would it be possible to only do this the first time I go to a page with a PDF, rather than every time. It's annoying rather than a flaw, but one that could easily be fixed...


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Hum there is at least two failures in this add-on:

First technically it doesn't work all the time: I had unchecked this box 'show PDF' etc, but it came back when I restarted my session.

Second as a GUI: the user has to press the "record now" to access the recording options, at the bottom of which one should check the global options, to find at the very bottom this check box. If the purpose is to incite people to explore the possible options of the clipper, it is a good strategy, but I doubt this is what is wanted.
For UI, this is typically the Windows Start button: why do I have to press "start" button to switch off my computer ?
Adding a «yes, I know, don't bother me again» button would be more appropriate or even a «get to options» button (ideally pointing to the relevant check box directly and not the top of the option list.

Looks very much like an unthought addition to the add-on, to be corrected before too many person find it easier to deactivate it.


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