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Saving a web article that's spread over several pages

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Is there an easy way to save an article that's been spread across many pages (see Cracked.com, for instance) into a single cohesive note?  I can obviously save each page and combine the notes later, but there's no way when you combine notes to specify the order the notes are combined in, so that's even worse, and it's time-consuming.  Sites used to have buttons for "view on one page" or "print friendly version" that put everything together, but no one seems to do that anymore.

I'm a premium user, Windows 7 & 10, Android phone & tablet.  Any ideas appreciated.

Miss Bert

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Hi.  You 'should' be able to merge notes in a chosen order - select them,  one by one,  in the order you want to see them,  front page first.  If that doesn't work,  retrieve the original separate notes from your Trash notebook and print them all to PDF. You can then copy/ past the PDF files into the same note in order,  or if you have a PDF editor,  just merge the separate files together.

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I have found some websites (mainly news sites) that allow you to clip an entire article with multiple pages as one page directly into Evernote. One click and it is done.

But there are sites (mainly click-bait sites) that force you to click on each page to drive up their revenue. I don't believe there is any way to get around those types of sites.

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I believe that there are web extensions available for some browsers that figure out that a web site is a multi-page affair, and can present it as a single page. I've never used one, but you should be able to find one using a web search for : <your web browser, e.g. chrome> extension view multi page site as single page 

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