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Failing automatic saving loses unsaved content




This is not an idea, but a bug report. Nice that free version users can't give you a bug report except via a forum post. Anyways Evernote web running on Windows 10 (latest updates) and Chrome (latest updates) seem to loose contents of a note when the automatic saving fails. Maybe due to network connection or something else (it really doesn't matter) saving fails and a message is shown to user that automatic saving failed, which it self is good to know. The sad/bad thing is that the note you had been writing is hidden and you can only get back to the note by selecting it again from the note list which opens the not in the state of the last successful save. So you effectively lose what you have written after that. It would be nice if the note/text would stay accessible/visible on the screen during and after showing the failure message so you could copy it to safety while trying to reload Evernote web or do some other measures. At least you would have the text.


Br. Mikko

2016-12-14 17_37_50-Evernote Web.png

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Hi.  The web client hasn't been updated from what was a 2015 feature-poor 'beta' version of an original launched a long time ago.  The web has moved on.  New development is promised - and hopefully may do something about data that is lost like this.  But I've had the same experience across the web - with social media,  authentication forms,  blog posts...  from time to time the browser code running the page from which I'm trying to post (exactly like the window I'm typing in now...) occasionally loses the plot before the content even leaves my computer and dumps me back to an empty,  or a compromised screen.

The workaround I developed before I even started to use Evernote,  was to use another app - notepad or Word etc - to draft my response,  then cut and paste the result into the web window.  A bit of fine tuning might still be necessary - but if the web window crashes,  all I've lost is the tuning,  not the last 20 minutes work.

I'm not sure what,  if anything,  can be done about the browser crash - it might be due to your hard drive or memory,  other software on your device,  web traffic or a slow or intermittent internet or network connection.  The sure-fire cure is already available - use the installed desktop version of Evernote which saves notes locally.  Making web entry totally safe might be more difficult.

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