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Unable to share to evernote from other programs on windows 10

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My apologies if this has been posted before, but I am unable to share to evernote from other programs using the sharing option found on many programs in windows 10. Is this  a missing feature or is it a bug?

For instance, I was making hand drawn notes in Nebo, and this webpage from the makers of nebo says that exporting to evernote is an option https://support.myscript.com/knowledgebase.php?article=262. However, Evernote isn't listed as an option on my device.

I need this option to handwrite stuff on evernote desktop

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Hi.  There are many ways to attach files,  copy content and generally add material to an Evernote note from other applications on a desktop.  I thought sharing was normally reserved for mobile devices that don't necessarily have the same level of mouse and keyboard control.  You might want to check with Nebo support to see if they can offer any pointers,  but I'd suggest saving (or printing) your Nebo note to a PDF file and drag-dropping that into Evernote.

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The share menu isn't controlled by neon though, as i get the same share menu in other apps.. I think it's something on Evernote's side. Can we get a Evernote consultant on this? If I'm not wrong as long as program like nebo outputs something like text that is supported as a "share" input option by apps like Evernote, and as long as Evernote has registered their app as a  share" destination then it should appear.. I strongly suspect there's a bug somewhere 

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