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When I tab to my "All Notes" view, it is just an empty black screen.

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I created a support ticket about this over a month ago but so far they haven't posted a solution that I'm aware of. I'm wondering if anyone else has the same issue. 

I'm running Version 6.10 on the latest version of Sierra. 

Here's are the steps. 

1. I open Evernote in full screen mode.
2. Alt-tab to another screen, quite often a full screen note I'm working on.
3. When I alt-tab back to Evernote "All Notes" view, the screen is completely black

To see those notes, I have to mouse up to Window in the menu and select "All Notes" view (even though I'm already supposedly on that screen). And then it rights itself... until I tab away and then I have to repeat the process again. 

Anyone else having this issue? 

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  • Evernote Staff

@cameronreilly This is a known issue to our developers. A fix is scheduled for an upcoming version, 6.12, however I do not have a firm release date for that yet. I will update this thread with any additional info I receive.

Let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

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