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(Archived) Feature Request: Cloak/Hide folders



I'm creating this note in the Mac Forum but it would be a nice feature in any client that brings down all of a persons content. A number of source control systems has the ability to cloak or hide folders. Setting a particular attribute on a folder will prevent it from downloading to the client. Although Evernote isn't source control I think something similar would be handy.

There are a couple of scenarios where I think this would be useful. 1. Semi-private data: Say a person has a "Business Plan" folder in Evernote with random thoughts about potential business plans. They may not want that data residing on their 9-5 employers machines. 2. Large amounts of data: I know HDD is cheap but it's possible that on a older machine or a machine with a smaller harddrive (say, a netbook) a person may not want to download all their data.

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