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Email clipping outside of Outlook (other email clients)

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In the corporate environment, I used Outlook and the email clipper via the evernote plugin was incredibly good.  Now I am outside of that environment, I'm using Windows 10 built in email client and miss the clipper terribly. I do forward emails to my evernote email address, but it's a very inefficient way to do this, slow waiting for the sync and then organise and adds/looses content you want.

Are there are similar products to the email clipper for windows 10 email, or other email clients? Any plans for one?

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Hi.  There are hundreds of different mail clients,  so I don't see Evernote making any specialized clippers anytime soon.  There is a web clipper,  so if you use any web-based email service you can use the browser clipper,  and there are bespoke clippers for the MS Office installed Outlook,  and mail via Outlook.com.

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