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17 minutes ago, ab1kenobee said:

I have noticed that past several days EN has been displaying SYNCING issues... NO SYNCING.

Please advise.

No issues here.  Which platforms?

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Hi.  If you press Ctrl and click on the red '!' you'll find out whether there's a particular note or set of notes causing the issue.  Have you tried the other steps in How to troubleshoot syncing issues ?

I've had Evernote stop syncing for a couple of days at a time - possibly because of seasonal web traffic or just plain contrariness;  sometimes a restart is all that's required!  Good luck... :)

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Howdy, gazumped:

Appreciate your response... thank you.

I have reviewed:  How to troubleshoot syncing issues  ... notating the following results

  • Confirmed: Internet connection
  • Confirmed: CTRL + red '!' icon (over synch button)... nothing displayed - no positive results.
  • REBOOTED: (restarted) several times... no positive results.
  • UPDATED: Public... to current 6.4.2 (303788) Public...
    This has created a NEW ISSUE: tree column - black background vs. white (will open new thread if I don't figure out).
  • ERROR MESSAGE: not displayed.
  • TRASH: emptied 425 notes - no positive results.
  • UNINSTALLATION: do **not** desire to do this.


This issue is **not** yet resolved.

Thank you much in advance.

~ Alan

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Hurrah for gazumped!

I was not familiar with this setting... which was changed by UPDATE to current 6.4.2 (303788) Public.

Black background issue: RESOLVED.

You brought me an EN smile!!! LOL!

I am now impelled to review TOOLS > OPTIONS to better learn what's under the hood!

Thank you much for saving me some valuable time!

~ Alan


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I just re-tested SYNCHING... no display of red '!' just 1x.
Repeated tests do continue to display red '!' .

Confirmed: Synching is operational...
confirmed by EN synch on android cell phone... displaying most current synch.

This begs the question:
WHY the red '!' after synching on laptop?

Hoping for a viable solution... and thank you!  :)

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Howdy, gazumped and EN Members:

UPDATE:  SYNCHING is now operational on my Win 7 laptop... 
(no display of red '!'... it has disappeared)


  • EN ISSUE:  I can only conclude that non-synching was an EN internal server-side problem...
    (not on my end).


This issue is RESOLVED... until it is not... sometime in the future.  ;)

Thank you, gazumped for your attention and efforts!

Have a blessed Christmas!

~ Alan

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