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Importing images on iPad?


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I am using Penultimate on the iPad Pro, and am pretty happy with it. The one issue I have is importing images. Maybe I'm just missing something.

It looks like the only way to import is to access the camera or Photos. Are there any work-arounds to import from other apps, such as dropbox? Even an image already stored in EN needs to first be moved to Photo to then import to PU. 

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Hi Deano! I'm so afraid that this app has no future. If I had my way, Penultimate would continue to add new features. A sidebar that offers advanced editing. It would let you write or draw, and then shrink a chosen area down, so you could get clear writing or drawings, etc. I can think of a dozen edit type features that would add to this great app. But. For whatever reason, it feels like it's just a legacy app, no future path for it. 

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