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How do I turn off warnings and flyovers


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(On the web version) I've hated the "Edit | Remove" flyover since I first encountered it.  I wish I could make it go away.

Now you've added something new to make life even more unpleasant.  If I save a list of links to review later, now for EACH LINK I get the warning "You are Leaving Evernote, are you sure?"

That HAS to go.  (And no, I can't use the client version.  #1 because it leaves me with too many orphaned unsynced files (which the web version has no problem with) as I move between home and work, and #2 it fails at the office pc sometimes with Microsoft Outlook installed.)



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Hi.  First this is a (mainly) user-supported forum so 'we' didn't add anything to the web client,  and so far as we know it hasn't been changed at all for some months - evidence this recent post  by Evernote.  For the same reason I don't think there will be any changes to its operation for a while.  I'm uncertain though why you would be getting 'leaving Evernote' warnings just by clicking a link.  A new tab or window should open,  but Evernote should still be open too.  Do you save a series of links in the same note,  or in separate notes? 

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Same thing I've done for months . . . at work, during a break or lunch, I save links to view later.  All within the same note, all in Chrome (unchanged) on both ends.  When the note gets big enough, I save/rename it to archival name.  And start a new note. 

Now, for each link clicked on   http://www.vice.com/en_se/video/iceman    . . . I see a (clearly Evernote design, not a Windows message) Evernote20161208.jpg

 note saying I'm leaving Evernote and asking me to confirm.

Based on the form of that notice . . . I can't imagine anything other than a change in the web version can be responsible.



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Hmmn.  You're exactly right - I haven't used a link from an Evernote Web note in some time,  but that warning is a new one on me.  If you click on a URL in a desktop note,  expected behaviour would be to have it open in a new tab or a new window,  which it does.  And the original Evernote source remains available,  so not only is it superfluous and annoying but it's also wrong.  Maybe this is one of those compromises necessary because on a mobile device the window might be replaced (although I still have tabs in Android).  But even so,  it's easy to tell whether or not I'm using a mobile device,  and I'm not.

Good news/ bad news - changes to the Web interface are already underway -but- it's a root and branch thing rewriting the service from the ground up,  so it seems likely to take a while...

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Me too, I find the "You are leyving EN" highly annoying; and the flyover with links as well; adding a link should work as with Googl Mail: hitting CMD-K should open the dialogue as anywhere else!

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