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I was working on Evernote on my iphone and it was having trouble syncing to my PC. When it finally synced it didn't synced to my new content but rather my iphone synced with the old content from my PC. I am now having trouble submitting a ticket to report my data loss. When I go support on my iphone submit a report isn't there. I can run my activity log, however, I don't know who to send it to! I need help! But most importantly I need the content that was lost! 

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33 minutes ago, deperez1 said:

Austin, I checked my email and never received anything. Are you able to resend it to *********@yahoo.com. What are the chances my content can be recovered? 

Thanks much appreciated. 

Suggest that you probably shouldn't post your email address publicly. PM it to @Austin G would be a better choice.

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@deperez1 I just resent it. Try searching your inbox for emails from no-reply@evernote.com. It might be hiding in the spam/junk folder too. I also sent you a direct forum message with the same info. 

1 hour ago, deperez1 said:

What are the chances my content can be recovered? 

There's a good chance the content is either captured in a note conflict or in note history. Check your PC for a local"Conflicting Changes" notebook. If it's not there, scroll to the bottom of the note to check for appended "conflicting modifications.

See my direct message/email for more info RE: Note History. Let me know if the content is not found. 


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I also lost content. But I was typing in a document I have been working on for months. I went to delete some extra space and somehow it deleted the majority of my terms from A through R. All I can think is that my hand accidentally highlighted them before I pressed delete. I pressed "undo" like 100 times and they never came back. I'm so devastated.

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@maryannC  Sorry to hear about this. Yes- If text is highlighted, the next keystroke will replace that highlighted text, but the undo function should have reverted that. What device were you working on?

Try to check your note's history to see if it's available in a previous version of this note. 

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