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Bug: delete Note title

Rob van Vliet


This bug has been in Evernote for Android for at least a couple of months now:

  • Open a note
  • Tap on end of title, so the cursor is at the end of the last word
  • Tab backspace and keep it pressed
  • After deleting the first character the cursor is gone, and no further characters are deleted

I guess this is caused by the app maximizing the note after the first character is edited, which is only visible on a tablet in landscape mode. After maximization the focus on the title field is gone.

Can this be fixed? If the fix will remove the auto-maximizing that would be OK for me



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19 hours ago, Dave-in-Decatur said:

Very strange. This is actually a forum meant to suggest new features for the Android app. To report a bug like this, you're better off posting in the Android Help forum. I hope you can get it fixed.

This is a product feedback forum, so this would be the best place to report a bug. No help needed. I'm very surprised that you cannot reproduce it, given the fact that it happens for me on all current Android versions

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