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(Archived) How Can I Stop Syncing?



I've just installed EN and added a few Notebooks and Notes. I saw a few successful syncs, but now sync is running and has been for over an hour. I notice that my local view and web view are different. The web view doesn't contain everything I've created locally. How can I stop and restart the sync process?


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I tried rebooting, but this did not resolve the problem.

I also uninstalled (via CleanApp) and reinstalled the application. This did not resolve the problem.

The application seems to be working okay locally. I can add new notes, etc., but the Activity indicator continuously displays

Syncing with Evernote

Downloading changes...

(activity bar)

I've viewed the activity log, but I don't see anything abnormal, but then again, I'm not sure what to look for.


Any ideas?


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I see an error in your logs that indicates a problem trying to talk to our servers. It appears that the HTTP networking is failing on your system.

Could you try logging in to your account via the web using Safari (not Firefox or Chrome) on that Mac? That will use the same OS X networking as Evernote.

Does that work without any errors or warnings? If so, you should be able to synchronize without errors as well

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Dave, I have been using Safari all along. This "syncing" episode continued for at least eight hours, then I noticed that it completed all of a sudden. This was at about the same time I was trying out the "email to Evernote" feature. I was able to email successfully, and the syncing completed successfully. I wasn't watching for this, but after I emailed EN, I went to the EN window to see if the new note was there, and lo and behold, everything was in order. The emailed note was there, tagged and in the proper notebook, and everything was in sync and the syncing process had terminated. I really can't say if there was a direct correlation between sending the email to EN and syncing concluding, but it is a curious string of events. In any case, everything seems to be working fine now, and syncing only takes a few seconds - as expected.

This is an impressive application, and it has certainly helped me greatly improve the organization of my environment. I expect it will become an essential tool from this point on, and an upgrade to the premium edition will be ordered in the next few days.

Thanks for your follow-up on this issue. From my perspective it is now complete and can be closed.


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