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Suggesstion: Add bookmark,line number and Brush feature



Suggesstion1:  Add brush feature to change some content with the same font/color/size etc. from the existed in note,  like that does in Microsoft's Office Word.

Suggesstion2:  Add bookmark feature in one note and the bookmarks could be searched through whole notebooks or part of notebooks by choosing some of them.

Suggesstion3:  Add line number feature (better with collapse option) in one note , for pictures etc. in the note, can be given one line number  as a block line number.

I think these are very useful to enhance efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Thanks a lot!



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This suggestion is essential for us students who copy and paste texts with different formats. This option shoulding already exist and I do not understand why it has not yet been implemented. Without it, the Evernote team would be walking against the goal of the program.

Suggesstion1: Add the brush feature to change some content with the same font / color / size, etc., of the existed in note, as with Microsoft Office Word.


Esta sugestão é essencial para nós estudantes que copiamos e colamos textos em diversos formatos. Esta opção já deveria existir e não entendo o motivo pelo qual não foi implementada ainda. Sem isto, a equipe do Evernote estaria caminhando contra os objetivos do programa.


Thank you David for this suggestion. Now it´s wait for an answer from Evernote support.

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