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(Archived) Searching within a note


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I was just going to post about this capability which is available on the desktop but not on the android.

Being able to find and check data on your handheld is an important feature.

This function was one that I used regularly on my old palm and I miss it ! (hint hint)

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Holy *****! You mean to tell me this NECESSARY feature has been missing since 2009 and hasn't been implemented yet?

MAJOR fail! Time to take a star or two back in the marketplace.

- Dayton - Wed. 08/10/2011 @ 11:05:32

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Sorry to hear that.

I'd suggest to consider also the important features we are adding every week (see the beta releases on the forum).

Another reason I suggested that EN use the developer of Note Everything for assistance - besides an within note search, Note Everything doesn't require a save - so folks don;t lose their work / note taking by mistake which happens in EN !

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