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Deletion of account.

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I think this subject may have come up before but it is something that concerns me and would welcome any comment. I wish to delete an account, so I can free up its email address for use with another account. I have been told that Evernote cannot do this - only 'de-activate' the account. To retrieve my email address I need to re-activate the account and undertake a convoluted procedure to substitute a temporary password to free up the one I require. I then have to de-activate the account again. Not a difficult process but surely it should not be necessary. As well as the worry of all my data being still in existence (I know I could delete it all prior to de-activating, if I knew all this - but why should I have to?) surely it is possible to simply delete the account or at the very least make the email address available on 'de-activation'.

Thank you.

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Hi.  I can see Evernote's thinking process,  in that they don't touch your data - your account is for you to alter as you see fit;  their only job is to store the data securely and without (hopefully) losing it.  Ever.  So they don't ask questions if someone decides to deactivate an account containing data rather than deleting everything including all personal references and emails.  If they have your data,  they also need something to identify it by;  hence the email address.

I've deleted a couple of test accounts,  and the process is simple and quick once you know it.  Delete all notes,  change the email address for a fake one (there's no check if it is in the correct format) and deactivate the account.  The email address is then available for other uses.

I'd agree the process is a bit shrouded in mystery  I think it's marketing-think - (don't give customers the impression they might find it easy to close their account in case they actually do it!) - but you're right it's come up before,  because people tend to deactivate first and then try to use their email address in a new account.

With everything else Evernote have going,  it's not the most mind-blowing of issues but it is annoying to have to sort it out.  Still it is something that the account owner has to do - Evernote staff quite properly don't have access to passwords to get into the account as a user. 

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