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Add words to dictionary in Windows 10

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I recently switched to Evernote for Windows after using Evernote on the Mac for years.  Two odd things are happening that I don't understand.  First is that contractions are flagged as misspellings, but only the part prior to the apostrophe.  So for example the first four characters "aren't" are underlined.  Why is that?  Also when a word is underlined as misspelled I can right-click and I will see alternate spelling options as well as the option to "Add to dictionary".  I select that option but the underline doesn't go away.  However if I use that word again after adding it to the dictionary, an underline doesn't appear.

The exception is for contractions.  If I add "aren" to the dictionary, next time I type "aren't", the first four letters are underlined in red again.

Anyone know what's going on?

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I would say it's an asterisk.  It's the lowercase character to the right of the semi-colon and to the left of the Enter key.  Windows sometimes creates "smart quotes" when there is a quote on either side of a word, but contractions only have a single punctuation mark between the n and the t.  I tried putting double quotes and single quotes around a word just now and I didn't see anything change.  In Word you can see a change.

So that's a long answer...  

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My bad.  I meant "apostrophe".  

When I write the contraction of "are not" in this editor, it doesn't flag it as an misspelling.  The contraction of "does not" did not get flagged just now either.  Microsoft Word doesn't regard contractions as misspellings (or more precisely, the characters preceding the apostrophe).  For some reason Evernote does, hence my question.

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Ahhh... I see now what you are saying.

Yeah, that does seem like a bug in the EN spell check engine. I was wrongly assuming it was a note originally composed on the Mac with the fancy apostrophy and not the basic one.

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