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So are all my notes just gone?

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I haven't been using Evernote for a while but I am trying get get more organized and I wanted to got back and give the platform another shot.  It seems that EN has changed the username associated with my email (I can still log in using my email) and all of my previous notes are gone.  I wanted to check with support to see if there was any way to recover those notes and/or why the username changed but it is basically impossible to contact them without a premium account.  So, now I've got a situation where my existing data is missing and there is no way (apart from paying for a premium account, which might not even work) to even find out if it's recoverable.  So, with that kind of reliability and support, I think I will look elsewhere for a note keeping solution.

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Hi.  It sounds like you may have inadvertently created a new account rather than log into your existing one.  If your email remains unchanged you could try the Forgotten Password process at Evernote.com to see if that will allow you access.  Otherwise you could try @EvernoteHelps on Twitter for some assistance.

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