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Automatic resizing of images has stopped working - synchronization from iOS

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I has received a question from a user regarding EN.

She writes her notes on iPhone and inserts photos to them there as well. Then she synchronizes the note to the EN desktop version on her PC and converts to PDF by printing to PDF Creator.

It was all fine, but now each image has the original size and therefore takes several A4 pages. The problem is not only present in PDF Creator application, but also in the EN inbuilt Print preview option.

What could have changed the size settings? The previous notes from September 2016 are still shown with the correct - adjusted to the A4 width - size, so the problem is only with the latest created. I could not find any option on the desktop application, but maybe there is something that can be changed on the phone itself? Resizing the photo size on the iPhone and restoring the PC/phone image from September is the last and rather impossible solution.


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Hi.  Don't know what (if anything) has changed,  but clearly if the user was able to print ok-sized pictures,  but can no longer do so,  something has happened.  Short term I don't know of any settings to change - the only workaround would be to resize the picture in a third-party app and re-attach a smaller picture to the note.  Longer term I'd suggest the user contact support directly if they can,  or you (or they) could message Evernote on Twitter

(We're a mainly user-supported forum,  so no special expertise here unless another iOS user has any suggestions...)

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