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Re-activation of Encryption




When entering password and unlocking an encrypted text note, the note stays visible until I select another note.

Is there a setting I have missed to re-activate the encryption after a timeout (when I'm not working/viewing the actual note)?:


Otherwise... this would be a request to the Evernote Team!

I have several times forgotten about de-crypted notes and much later found them "opened" and readable for everybody! :-(

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On 6/12/2016 at 4:44 PM, gazumped said:

Hi.  If you have the same prompt I do,  have you tried unticking the box?  Otherwise the way to clear any selections is to File > Exit the app...

ScreenClip [2].jpg

Oh yes - this is unticked! This only affects the need for entereing password when opening other encrypted notes, I guess!

The issue is that a decrypted note stays open until I click on another note. I doesnt re-encrypt if I leave Evernote - perhaps while working in Excel for several hours. This means that if I later return to Evernote the note is still readable for me (and everybody else using my PC).

This is a major security issue I think.

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32 minutes ago, lholmt@yahoo.dk said:

This is a major security issue I think.

The reason I have that box ticked is that I was being annoyed by Evernote requesting the password every time I clicked a specific note.  Maybe the behaviour has changed slightly,  but I'd still say the answer is (in ascending order of security)

  1. Ht Ctrl+L when you leave your computer and set up the lock screen to require a password.
  2. File > Exit Evernote as well so anyone using the device needs two logins to get to your data.


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