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(Archived) Auto-sync Hard freezing my computer?

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This may or may not be related to my other issue.

But if I leave the "automatically sync every 30 minutes" enabled, then within about 30 minutes, my computer freezes and I have to turn it all the way off and back on.

It is a Pentium M 2.13GHz, 2 GB of RAM - 40 Gig hard drive running XP Professional SP2.

If I turn off auto sync, then everything is ok. Until I manually sync and then I get the other error.


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I just found that if I switch from normal mode to "work offline" then the computer freezes for about 15 seconds and then Evernote consumes 99% processor until I close it and restart Evernote.

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I just had this same problem after I upgraded to the latest version and I synchronized. I was confused what happened and thought it was some quirky hardware problem that I had never seen before. I had to manually restart my computer with a hard shut down. It wasn't until I read this forum note that I put two and two together for a possible connection.

I am using Windows XP Professional SP2 Dell Dimension 4400 Intel Pentium 4 2.GHz with 768 MB RAM


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I can confirm this behaviour with v3.0.0.539 running on Vista Business with SP1. Switching to "work offline" mode ramps up CPU usage to max, indefinitely. Going back 'online' corrects the behaviour.

Mine is a relatively small and simple notes database, with only 23 notes. With all the others experiencing something similar, I can't imagine it's a database-specific issue.

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Same thing here using beta 525.

Hard freeze upon synchronize on my desktop (Vista ultimate) I have to either kill the process when I can or do a computer restart.

No such problem on my laptop (dell latitude / Win XP SP2) using the same beta (525)


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I'd actually love to make use of EverNote3 but since I've yet to be able to run it without freezes, I'm bark to the old version. I'm checking forums to see when a fix available. But until then the Beta isn't much use.

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