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When does automatic daily sync run and how to adjust?

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Just setting a sync time in the middle of the night would just be the most simple option at this point for us. We are currently using workarounds.

We have multiple users with multiple devices on one account and all information is shared openly for projects. It's easier just to share everything rather than worry about versions and permissions. For those doing data collection and draft work, it would be best to have the data cleaned up and edited before sync. It is also critical that this data does get synced at some point and we would prefer not to rely only on manual sync, but to have a daily nighttime sync set in case something got left behind.

I just thought someone would know when the auto daily sync happened. That would be nice to know. 

I also thought the sync time might be in a .ini file somewhere that I could edit.


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The Evernote Windows client has an option for auto-syncing once a day, but time is not specified, and I couldn't locate a registry setting for that option. One way that should work, though, is to set up a Windows Task Scheduler task to run the Evernote command-line program ENScript.exe" at a specified time every day. ENScript has an option to synchronize your database; you'll need to specify your password (and optionally user name) on the command line.  See https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/enscript.php.

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