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(Archived) Can't sync - says password is invalid

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Recently, I noticed my work computer (Windows XP) was no longer syncing. I reinstalled the latest version of the program. No dice, although now I get a notice that the password is invalid. And sometimes a place where I can actually ENTER the password. To no avail.

I changed the password on both the online version and the desktop version. Still invalid. And the online version doesn't seem to be acknowledging the password change. I had to log onto this forum with my original password. Which makes NO sense. Due to this I tried synching with both the old AND new password on my desktop. Failure.

My Mac client at home is no problem. Syncs no problem.

Please help. Thank you.

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I had to log onto this forum with my original password. Which makes NO sense.

Yes it does b/c your login & password for this message board are not the same as your EN account login & password. If you happened to use the same login/password for both your account & this message board, but changed the password for your EN account, that doesn't change the password for this message board.

Go to the web client & under settings, confirm your login. Make sure that's the login you're using on the Windows client. It's case sensitive. If it shows 'alleynyc', don't enter 'AlleyNYC'. If that doesn't fix it, you should submit a support inquiry toward the bottom of this page:


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Thank you for replying so quickly. I confirmed the username and passwords are the same and it still won't sync. I should note that until today I never changed my password and have been using Evernote for probably 2 years with no synching problems ever.

I will contact support as you suggested. You have a great product here. I'm bummed that I may not be able to use it anymore at work! It's been very helpful.

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