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Keyboard shortcuts

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I don't think so. The keyboard shortcuts that Evernote allows you to customize are found at Tools > Options > Shortcut keys (as you probably know). Very few programs allow customization of such basic commands. That said, I actually use two that do, neither of which covers the same ground as Evernote: Scrivener (writing tool) and Nota Bene (word processing and research). But they are unusual in that regard (among others).

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2 hours ago, Civils said:

Hi is there any provision to change the keyboard shortcuts??

Ex: For Bold,Underline I prefer Ctrl+S,Ctrl+D instead of Ctrl+B,Ctrl+U

We can remap shortcuts on Macs, but I don't think you have the option in Windows
Would it be worthwhile to look at key expander programs, something like PhaseExpress, Autohotkey

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