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How do I claim the 6-months free marketing promotion?

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I received a marketing promotion for a free 6 months when I upgrade LITERALLY THE DAY AFTER I UPGRADED.  I paid through iTunes.  

Will Evernote honor the marketing promotion?  Does anyone know how to contact support?

Another aside, it took me about 30-minutes to find this site to post comments.  It may be user error but still obnoxious that no chat or email support available from Evernote, IMHO. 


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Hi.  Marketing promotions do go out  based on account status,  but if you pay through iTunes I guess there's a delay between your upgrade and the information hitting the Evernote marketing database.  A nice lady called @amanda_h seems to look after this sort of thing so maybe she'll be along shortly to answer this;  meantime if you want to,  you could contact support directly,  or message them on Twitter


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