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(Archived) Equivalent of Windows clipping?



I started using Evernote on Windows and love being able to hit the Windows key + A to add absolutely anything on my computer to Evernote.

Is there an equivalent on the Mac, that doesn't involve copying and then pasting into Evernote?

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The Mac OS has stronger security barriers between applications, so Evernote doesn't have permission to just grab stuff from other apps. The global "Paste to Evernote" shortcut is the closest we can come. This isn't too bad once you get used to it:

Select some stuff in an application



It's one more step, but reasonably quick.

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I'm used to grabbing stuff with screenshots, so I just remapped shift-Apple-4 to Evernote's "Clip Screenshot" function. You can't copy/paste text out of a screenshot later, of course, but Evernote's image OCR thing makes them nicely searchable still.

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