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rebuilding lost tags

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I moved 100 or so tagged notes to a new notebook.  I have no idea why but all tags are gone of those notes. The 50+ tag names are gone. All notes are in new notebook. How do I get tags back? I have old user/evernote/databases saved  that I could use. If I can see the tags from old database I can take snapshot of them and then just rewrite them and attach to the notes in current database.But how do I do this?

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Hi.  Were these tagged notes moved from or to a shared notebook?  The only way that I can imagine that tags would be 'lost' is if they did not exist in the account to which the notes were being moved.  Sadly however they came to be lost - and moving between notebooks in your own account would not affect tagging - there's no way to recover them or reinstate the tags if they're also missing unless you happen to have a system backup that includes your Evernote setup.

Short of that AFAIK there's only one way to bulk copy tags between accounts.  I've posted before about Evernote Batch -

It's a paid-for add-in which includes some useful features to note layout as well as some utilities like exporting and importing tag lists - but read the caveats...

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