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Non-responsive; can't open any Notes

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Evernote worked fine up to about 48 hours ago. Now if go in to a Notebook, Notes either do not load or only partially load. If I click on a Note to view it, nothing happens. If I click on a Reminder to view the associated Note, nothing happens - or in some cases I can't see the Reminders. If I click on the toolbar menu (File, Edit View etc.), nothing happens. Evernote is unuseable - unfortunately I don't have a back up, otherwise I would try de- and re-installing. Any suggestions much appreciated.

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1 hour ago, dosborne said:

Re-booting laptop seemed to do the trick

Now do a backup.

Are any of your notebooks local only? If so, you definitely need a backup. If not, all of your data should be on the Evernote server so the need for a backup is severely mitigated.

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