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Windows desktop - won't use last layout - "Top List" whenever app starts switches to "Snippet" view

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I have Evernote installed on several machines, but only one of them seems to "forget" the preferred layout, and always starts with the "Snippet view."  How can I force it to remember the last used layout view like my other machines?


I'm using Win7x64 with Evernote installed (though this seems to have been happening for the last few releases at least)


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Hmmn.  Very puzzling.  My setup is on Win10,  but I progressed through 7 and 8,  and I've never had that happen.  I assume the setup is saved in the Evernote/Evernote folder on disk,  although I guess it could be part of the database information which is synced back and forth.  Is this PC different in any way from the others?  Is the database location unusual (i.e. on a network drive)?  Does it have its own account,  or is it logging into an account shared by others?

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I have the same problem on a new laptop that is different in following ways:

  • UHD display
  • Moved my documents folder to a non-standard location (outside of /users folder)

The "top list" view returns to "snippet view" after closing the app completely (i.e., choosing file>exit or exiting the task-tray process), but remains if I just close the program using the upper-right x. However, it DOES remember that my shortcut list was moved to the left sidebar. Tried uninstalling/reinstalling to no avail.

Please fix.

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