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Are shared notebooks indexed by search engines?

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Title says it all!

When I change a notebook from Private to Public - does that mean the Notebook is made available to search engines?

I want to share a notebook with class members but some of the material is special things our professor has shared with us. Am I exposing her information to being indexed by Google or other search engines?

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57 minutes ago, Viv Ilo Veith said:

When I change a notebook from Private to Public - does that mean the Notebook is made available to search engines?

My understanding is that simply making the Notebook Shared, does not expose it to Search Engines.  You would have to post the URL somewhere public

This was also discussed in these posts

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Thank you.

I read through the posts at the links you gave. Interesting that everyone who was chiming in was looking for Google et al TO index instead of to NOT be indexed. I also noticed that the posts are from 2011 and 2012. 

Have you done any recent testing? I will keep an eye on the notebook I am sharing and test it every once in a while. I can just pull the notebook if I find that it is being indexed.

Thanks again.

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Hi.  As a point of general security - I don't believe that Evernote note pages can be indexed;  they're 'hidden' from search engines by default - which is a problem if you're trying to promote a page,  but not if you're relying on it for marginally secure communications.  It's worth noting though that the page is accessible by anyone who has the URL,  so if one of your class members decides to send that link to anyone else,  and that link goes viral...

You can at least keep an eye on that possibility if you use a link-shortening service like bit.ly.  The link to this forum page forinstance would look like this: http://bit.ly/2fW97ib

That makes Evernote's page links mercifully shorter (though still not exactly memorable) and if you register with the service (free) you will be able to see how many times your link has been used.

If you see your link getting too many clicks,  you could unshare it or change the address (though you might have to move it to a new notebook to do that...).

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