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Viv Ilo Veith

Shared Notebooks - Share only with select group?

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I am in a course at a university and would like to share a notebook with just my classmates. I cannot see how to do that in a safe manner. 

  • I do not want it findable by outside people: How safe is a public link? Are public notebooks findable by people who do not have the specific link to the notebooks.
  • I do NOT want to make people join Evernote. I want classmates to be able to view it just on the web without having to be logged in. That appears to work fine with the "public" link.
  • I invited my pen name to join the notebook to test it out. NOT going to use that method!! (Evernote sent an email that had NO link to the notebook. Only a "Reply in Evernote" which opened WorkChat on the web. (I HATE WorkChat! Largely because Evernote has tried to force it on us!)

Thanks for any clarity you can provide!

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