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How do i delete my account?

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I want nothing more than to delete my account and all information associated with it ie. my email address, password, etc. Im not interested in deactivating my account,  I want it deleted. I want everything deleted so it seems like I was never here. I can't find an easy way to do this myself. I've read online that if I want your account deleted then I need to contact support. The problem I have with that is when I click on contact, and choose the Get Support on the following page, i come to a page with a drop down menu of different options and when I choose ANY of those options, I run into a dead end. Under the drop down menu something appears that says "Select a topic" but i don't have any additional options presented to me with the directive. There's no links that appear, no text box to type in, NOTHING! I'm beyond frustrated. I feel as though I'm being trapped, almost forced into keeping an account that I don't want. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this but I feel like I'm out of options. Can somebody please help me out?

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Hi there,

It looks like you were able to successfully submit a support ticket yesterday with this request. I'll follow up with some additional steps, as any content needs to be removed by you and the account needs to be deactivated before our Technical Support Team can help complete the request. Thanks for your patience.

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I am have a related issue and would welcome comment. I had 2 accounts and wish to close one. It is now 'deactivated'. Unfortunately, the email address associated with the 'deactivated' account is now no longer available to me without a convoluted work-round (reactivate the account, change the email address for an unused one or temporary one, thus freeing up the old address. 

Surely when an account is 'deactivated' it is gone, destroyed, deleted, together with all associated information. This is clearly not the case and I think is of concern that it still exists.

I have opened a support ticket and am pursuing this - asking that my account be properly deleted and my email address made available to me.



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Hi @mark-t,

Deactivated Evernote accounts can be reactivated at any time (see our Help & Learning Center article here to learn how to reactivate an account). Deactivating the account does not remove any information within the account, it is up to the user to delete the content and empty it from the Trash notebook to permanently delete it. For security reasons, our Technical Support Team is only able to remove your personal identifying information (name / username / email address) once you've deactivated the account. The request for this removal of information must come directly from the email address on file with the deactivated account, as this is our only means of verifying your ownership of the deactivated account. 

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14 hours ago, Pharris said:

I would like to delete my Evernote account. It has taken over my email by saying all emails are coming from Evernote upload instead of my name. 

To help resolve this, open your Contacts application and search for 'Evernote Upload.' Then rename the contact to your first and last name.

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