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Saved searches in widget not working anymore

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5 hours ago, g00fy said:

Will Evernote ever be able to update their things without causing their users trouble? Ever heard of quality testing? 

Free software; Free Ugrade

Yes, Evernote could conduct more quality testing; but I don't think user's would be willing to pay for it - Would you?

You might want to hold off on software upgrades until all the bugs have been worked out.

As to "the widget from the Android app is not showing 'saved searches' anymore"; sorry, no ideas.  I can confirm it's an Android only problem, I'm getting saved searches synced and displayed in the IOS app

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I don't know what you mean exact with 'Free software, free upgrade', but as a premium user I think I pay more than enough and it's certainly not free. 


I think I may expect a bug free product and bug free and well tested updates for the price I have to pay for using this software. 

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Certainly my widget isn't showing saved searches under the 'saved searches' setting.  But I add my saved searches to my shortcuts,  and the widget is showing saved searches under the 'shortcuts' option.


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Hi gazumped, thanks for thinking with me for a solution.

Adding the saved search to my shortcuts and choosing 'shortcuts' in the widget, I only get a list of all my saved searches. When using the saved searches setting in the widget it gives me all the notes that are found with that search. Is it possible to get that with the shortcut option (I couldn't find it).

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Hi.  Maybe we're talking about different widgets - I use the biggest one which can give me a choice of

  • Recently Viewed
  • Recently Updated
  • Notebook - shows all the notes in one notebook
  • Reminders - all reminders
  • Shortcuts - all shortcuts,  including those to tags and notes
  • Tags - all tags
  • Saved Search - ??  Not sure if this should show the results of one saved search,  or a list of all saved searches.

Now.  Although I have saved searches,  which I can see in both the Android and Desktop versions of the app,  clicking this last option gives me a red error comment: "No Saved Searches Found" - which appears to be a bug.  Evernote please er... note.

If this option is meant to show the results of one saved search as a list of notes,  then you do have an work-around.

Go to saved searches in the app,  and use the one for which you want to see a list of results.  When it shows the found notes,  click the '...' menu at the top right of the screen.  Choose 'Add to Home Screen' and you create your own widget for that search,  which will launch Evernote and show a list of found notes.

Alternatively,  add all saved searches to shortcuts and choose that option in the large widget,  and you'll see a list of searches.  Tapping any one of those launches Evernote and shows a list of the search results.

Hope that helps...


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Unfortunately it seems Evernote is more busy with inventing features as 'Machine Learning Policy' and other things nobody asked for anyway. Maybe it's better to resolve excisting issues first. I name blurry output from PDF-attachements when printing, frequently logging off issue of the webclipper and this one.


How can it be that such an issue, that is a bug which degrade the functionality of Evernote is unhandled for weeks? Why don't we hear anything about it? Why are you not informing your cliens about what you do about it. Or don't you do anything? We still want to know!

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It's been a couple of weeks since @Matt W. posted,  and about three since this was first raised.  It takes time to find the cause of an issue,  and longer to write and test an effective fix.  Evernote have never (AFAIK) given progress reports...

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But I believe they should give us some insight of how they handle our tickets. I have multiple long open tickets (for years) and all I here is 'I have escalated it to our development team'. 

All I see is my tickets stay open, issues unresolved and the introducing of new features nobody asked for is going on and on, breaking new things that are never resolved.
Is it very strange I want to know when they are going to resolve my problems. I think we pay enough to expect that.

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4 hours ago, g00fy said:

I want to know when they are going to resolve my problems

I watched a TV show last night on Planet Nine.  An astronomer is positive that he's 'found' a planet by analysing the disturbances it made in the orbits of various outer-system bodies,  and by the fact that the plane of the solar system is offset from the sun by about 6 degrees.  All the evidence points to something being out there. They even know broadly where it should be,  and we have telescopes that should be able to see it.  He thought that -maybe- they can find it next year.  But he wasn't prepared to give odds on it.

Same sort of situation with software glitches - that have to be corrected across several different operating systems - we know there's a problem,  but finding it and fixing it...

What are Evernote expected to say?

-And on the general subject of developing the 'wrong' features - what makes you think the same guy(s) that work on your fixes have anything to do with development?

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Sorry, but I disagree with you. This is a bug in the Android app (one operating system). It is there after the updated the app. As paying customers we may expect software that is just working. After the big price raise we may expect this even more.
And if there is a bug like this (some function is not working at all) Evernote is expected to say they make resources available to resolve it as soon as possible (not as soon as they like it).


I think that the same guy(s) that work on my fixes have something to do with development team, because Evernote support told me so. The problem was escalated to the development team, so they said. 
So, in my opinion, Evernote is planning it's resources wrong. Resolving bugs that causes we cannot use some features of the software should have priority above introducing new features.


Still want to know when we may expect to be able to use the software normally again.

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1 hour ago, g00fy said:

Evernote is expected to say they make resources available to resolve it as soon as possible (not as soon as they like it).

Expected by whom?  There are thousands of bugs in various apps,  and they're fixed according to whatever internal timetable and priority Evernote applies.  There's no requirement for them to give special priority to one or the other,  or to announce their schedule.

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1 hour ago, Matt W. said:

Hey @g00fy,

I wanted to reach out to you with an update on this to let you know this has been corrected as of 7.9.8, which is in the process of being released. If it is still happening after this update, please let me know.

Hmmn.  I'm now on 7.9.8 but when I choose Saved Searches in the Widget I get a drop-down just below with every saved search - and whatever search I choose appears on the widget screen as part of a list of notes....



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