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Evernote's Pop-Up Ads

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It is hard enough to know where just the heck my cursor is in Evernote because it leaps around randomly after closing the "Find within note" bar, when I press undo, after copy/paste, in and around tables and lists, after pressing CTRL + RIGHT ARROW, even after just pressing ENTER, etc. There's enough Random Cursor Leap already.

Or so I thought.

It is now even harder to know where my cursor is going to be because the instant before I click somewhere, the new "Upgrade advertisement bar" pops up randomly, shifting everything else in Evernote down, making me click on the wrong thing. No matter how many times I try to close it, that bar is like the worst of the web's advertisements - they just keep resurrecting themselves at random times thus interfering badly with what you're actually trying to do.

These frequent and forced misclicks and distractions make Evernote's experience dramatically worse. I thought I was already annoyed enough by all the editor Everbugs!

Furthermore, I predict - though I could be wrong - that if I were to upgrade to the "Plus" account, I'd continue to face relentless pop up ads to upgrade yet again to the Premium account... all in order to use Evernote's frustratingly buggy editor.

I view Evernote's editor as worst-in-class for many years. [Anybody care to disagree?] So, isn't it obvious that Evernote should be fixing that before pouring even one penny of resources into:

  1. Highly disruptive pop-up ads for a low-quality product (editor), 
  2. Color tagging, and
  3. Shaded panels?

evernote upgrade bar.png

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